Kevin Brumbaugh is many things to many people.  He is a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a nephew, and an uncle.  He is a runner, a lover of music, a computer wiz, a handyman, a leader, a car enthusiast, a bit of a geek, and a generally wonderful human being.  The best way to encompass all aspects of him (or as many as possible) is to present him to you through the eyes of people closest to him.  On this page, you will see accounts of him from his loved ones along with pictures of him through the years.

Handsome Fellow

My sister’s children are all very special to me. I got especially close to Kevin when he was a baby. He needed to have casts on his feet to turn them. Since I hadn’t yet moved away, I was available to go with Sis when he got new casts put on and afterwards hold him to keep him from kicking his feet together on the way home. This made him get very close to me, and after we moved away I think he missed me, because when I came home for a visit he clung to me. I will forever cherish those memories. I love Kevin very much.

– Phyllis Stultz (Aunt)

The Kids

When Kevin was a toddler he would make a game of hiding in the dryer. One morning Mom came in and saw him in the dryer and closed the door and pretended to turn it on. I never saw him crawl in the dryer ever again. LOL. Merry Christmas brother!

-Kendis Brumbaugh (Brother)

Mom used to call us her twins. When we were little, we were always wrestling. We did it all the time because I didn’t want to admit a boy could beat me. Of course, we stopped when he got too big for me to fight him fairly.

– Loreen Foor (Sister)


I remember that once he got stitches in his eyebrow from his bat swinging back to hit him.  Loreen had just gotten stitches for a similar thing. Those two were always my twins.

I always thought he’d grow up to be a farmer, because he was always in the garden playing with his toy trucks.  He loved playing with those.

I also recall, once he told me that he was never going to leave me.  I’ve reminded him of that a couple time.  Obviously, he lied.  He just didn’t know that someday his head would be turned.

– Elizabeth Pheasant (Mother)

May I Have this Dance

I am married to my best friend.  Before that – we were friends.  We have so many of the same memories – which is good because both our memories are getting worse.  Kevin and I met the summer before I went to high school when he and several of my friends were rehearsing for the play “Little Mary Sunshine”.  From that time on our lives were intertwined as our friends soon all became friends.  We had many of the same activities from band and small chorus to Brethren youth activities.  I’ll always remember him in the first line of the band playing trombone (the trombone players were always the most fun).  It is funny to look back through old pictures and realize that we both went on the same band trips (always to New Jersey for the Ms. America Pageant), small chorus competitions and even National Youth Conference in Colorado.

StylishDuring Kevin’s senior year of High School, he dated one of my best friends, his best friend dated another of my close friends and I was dating a guy who ran around with the same group of guys as Kevin.  Kevin was at my Sweet Sixteen birthday party and I’m sure we went many other places with the same group of friends.  For that year’s prom – Sail On – we were all together through the evening and on into the next morning when everyone came to my house for breakfast.  Kevin’s home was always the place to go in the summer for pool parties!  My boyfriend was away at boot camp during my senior year of high school but Kevin and his friends continued to include me in the parties and activities. After Kevin graduated and some of those high school relationships ended we lost touch but never for too long.  He went the Altoona campus of Penn State so he was nearby to run into at different times.

Ride the Lion

AirforceKevin joined the Air Force after a year of college and I would see him when he came home as he would stop by where I worked.  After the Air Force, our lives continued to cross paths as he returned to Penn State, where I was also attending, and he moved in with a group of guys that I graduated with.

– Natalie Brumbaugh (High School Acquaintance)


I always thought he was awesome and wanted to go everywhere with him and he was obliging and took me- I remember him sitting me on his Lap so that I could “drive” the car with him- up and down the lane- then going along to his girlfriends house. LOL. I also remember when we went to the beach in the motor home to visit him- and when I saw his tattoo for the first time and he explained how you get one and why he got wings.

– Trisha Lingenfelter (Niece)

Young Love

A party at this townhouse during State College’s Arts Festival brought us back together and by this time I was no longer dating my high school sweetheart.  This was officially the beginning of Kevin and me as a couple although it was off and on until my senior year of college.  We had quite a history together already by that time.

Wedding DanceDating was a continuation of all the good times with each other and friends – Penn State tailgating, parties and family events.  Due to Kev’s time in the Air Force, I graduated college a year before Kevin and moved to Maryland; but not before he asked me to marry him.  Of course, I said yes, I had known for years – before we officially were dating – that he was the one for me.  When he graduated, he joined me and we were married later that year.


Love Longing Sweeties

The rest has been a 25 year blur of career changes, moving from a one bedroom apartment through several steps to our current home, and of course raising our two beautiful daughters.  Through it all Kevin has been my rock and support system.  He is always ready for whatever I (or the girls) ask – whether it has been helping with girls’ activities – Girl Scouts, PTA, dance team or other sports; or taking dance lessons.  Though he lives in a household of women and fully participates in everyone’s activities; he has dabbled in karate, hunting, biking, and now running.  I’m looking forward to the next 25 years and whatever adventures we can do together.

– Natalie Brumbaugh (Wife)

Nap Time

My first memory of my dad was of a failed nap-time. The poor man had his hands full with a young imaginative girl who did not want to take a nap. I invented this story that I heard noises in my room, making him investigate and successfully postponing my nap. This was not the first time I had used this ploy, however, to my surprise, there truly was something moving around in the attic above my room. My dad, upon entering the attic, found a squirrel that had gotten stuck in the house. The rest of my nap was spent watching from the room below as my dad tried, and succeeded to capture the trapped squirrel.

– Abigail Brumbaugh (Daughter)

Baby Megan

My memory is admittedly poor and thus, my first memory of my dad is very foggy. The only real thing I can remember is that once upon a time, he had hair on the top of his head.

– Megan Brumbaugh (Daughter)

ReadingDad used to coach my softball team and assist teaching my martial arts class, but more than anything else, I remember him reading to me. When I was little, reading was not high on the list of things that I wanted to do.  I think it probably ranked around the level of taking a bath.  Dad and mom both read to me at bedtime, but dad’s stories are the ones I remember. He read about Middle Earth, Shannara, and Hogwarts (For many years, I was convinced that one of Harry’s best friends was named Hermy-own-ee). The time he spent reading to me, made me the book worm I am today.

– Megan Brumbaugh (Daughter)

The Fast & The Furious

For my next story I must say, yet again, that I did not make my dad’s life easy.  My sister and I took horseback riding lessons after school at a ranch a few miles down the road.  On this unfortunate day, my dad was responsible for getting us to our lessons, however, we were running late (something I hate to be).  So my dad rushed us out the door and sped down the road, and we all know that cops really only pull us over when we are late, and that is what happened to us.  Now, I would like to pause briefly to say that as the person sitting behind the driver, I always took it upon myself to let them know if they were speeding.  This day was no different, not two seconds before those sirens went off, I had been telling my dad that he was going much too fast through a 30mph zone.  Now when the officer reached my dad’s window he asked the following question: “Sir, do you know how fast you were going?” and before my dad could answer I pipe up from the back seat, “53.”  I feel that my dad got a warning that day because the cop felt so bad for him having to deal with me.

– Abigail Brumbaugh (Daughter)

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

My dad has been beside me through many hard times and the hardest was the year and a half when I was in and out of the hospital frequently.  To keep me entertained he would play battleship with me on our iPads and watch the food network, making lists of foods that I wanted to eat when I was given permission to do so again.  Then, when I stubbornly insisted I go back to school in the fall for my sophomore year of college, he drove five hours one Sunday morning at the end of August to take me to Duke Hospital, near my school, and then spent eight days living in a hotel.  Everyday he would walk around the ward with me and take me up to see the fish on the pediatric floor of the hospital; he even paid for me to get my haircut by a man who came to the hospital weekly to help make the patients feel human again.

– Abigail Brumbaugh (Daughter)


When I was little, my favorite place was in Kevin’s lap or on his feet. He taught me everything that I know, from “sit,” to “wait,” to “come.” He is patient with me, even when I throw up on the carpet. Most importantly, he is the one who typically gives me food. This is why I wiggle my butt particularly vigorously when he comes home.

– Bacchus (Dog)


I’ve always had a close relationship with my dad. Our personalities and interests match (sometimes too well). But, as time has progressed, I feel our relationship has only grown. While he will always be my dad, he is now also a friend.

We pass several hours watching television shows and movies together. He shares my love of travel and my even greater love of food. Then, a couple years ago, we started carpooling to work. We’re like a father-daughter environment saving team. Plus, it gives us more time to listen to Doctor Who audiobooks and occasionally engage in political debates.

There is so much we haven’t had the time to share about Kevin. But take my word for it, he is an amazing man.

– Megan Brumbaugh (Daughter)

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