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Yesterday, the news was all about a huge lottery jackpot that could change a lucky person’s (or several people’s) life overnight.  Of course I got caught up in the hype and bought several tickets.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to bed one night and wake up the next morning with no more financial worries?  Everyone who spoke of the lottery mused about what they’d do if they suddenly had millions of dollars, I, too, couldn’t help but imagine what I would do with a huge windfall.  I would pay off all of my family’s debt, buy a nicer car, travel extensively, force mom and dad to put solar panels on the roof, donate generously, quit my job and spend my newly acquired time exercising, practicing guitar, or writing… Regrettably, I did not win, but I did strike a jackpot.  I realized that most of my post lottery dreams are entirely achievable right now.  Granted, I still have debt and I have to keep my job, but those two things aren’t really standing in the way of my happiness, I can still do all the things I want to if I stop wasting my time and money.  I didn’t win the lottery last night, but I did wake up today to an entirely different life thanks to nothing more than a change in mindset.

Yesterday, my life involved driving two hours a day, going to work (doing an unfulfilling job), spending all of my free time escaping reality through computer games and books, and then complaining to anyone who would listen that I was unhappy with my life.

Yesterday is no more.

Today, I have a new outlook on life.  I am going to do things that make me feel fulfilled and happy.  I am going to figure out what I want from life and work towards it.  This post is my first step.  I want to engage my creativity, I want to write, so I am.  I am going to stop escaping the life I have right now and start working towards the life I want tomorrow.  Maybe one day I’ll wake up and find that my life has changed again and my work has paid off.

I bet you have a list of things you would love to be doing someday, a few of which probably don’t require winning the lottery.  Join me in reprioritizing so we can make “someday” today.


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