To Read or Not to Read


If you recall, in my first post, I identified some things I want to be doing in life, as well as some things that I feel are holding me back.  “Reading to escape” is an activity I identified as not bring happiness in the long run (holding me back).  So, naturally, I stumbled upon Shelf Awareness, and started receiving email newsletters which included links to request free Advance Reading Copies (ARC) of books.  At first I questioned whether I should request any of these books.  After all, reading to escape is a problem in my life.  However, I’ve realized that I could choose to not read to escape, but rather to read to learn.

My problem wasn’t with reading in general, rather, it was with what I was reading.  Yes, young adult fantasy and science fiction books are a lot of fun, but I also rarely gain anything of substance from the experience of reading them.  However, the ARCs I’ve received through the Shelf Awareness newsletter have each left an impact.  I’m going to start reflecting more thoroughly on that impact on the Books page.

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